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S M A R T  -  E N E R G Y  -  S Y S T E M S



Our main goal is to supply future generations with local renewable energy. From 2002 to 2009 we developed a simple and robust hydro power plant for very low head, a so called Gravitation Water Vortex Power Plant (GWVPP), which generates green energy, aquatic plants, microbe and fishes.







In opposite to common revitalization projects of rivers the water aeration-function of GWVPPs supports the constitution and the preservation of the aquatic milieu of natural rivers with aquatic plants, microbes and fish, which can be discernible in GWVPPs with naked eye (see figure beside and short-video "Microbes in GWVPP").

Renewable energy sources make it possible to supply the humankind without destroying the environment. Today if we take green energy technologies we can generate enough energy to keep our living standard and to keep our air, water and terra clean from any toxic emissions.

4.000.000 small and inconspicuous GWVPPs in Europe can replace 40 nuclear power plants within few years. And these 4.000.000 GWVPPs would generate green energy for the next 100 years without a risk. Using nuclear power the effective costs for the citizens will coming up for repository after the life-time of a nuclear power plant.


Unfortunately the fight between human being and nature goes in the last round, because laws and guide lines (Climate-Protection-Goals, EU-WFD, EU-Energy-2020-Strategy, ....) to protect our environment fail altogether:

(1) Agricultural and chemical industry - annually thousands tons of highly poisonous agricultural chemicals are applying on our fields. So the milieu of soil with diverse microbes which was mellowed over hundred of years will be destroyed more and more. We see the result of the annually poison gas farmer-attack against our nature by a dramatically depletion of insects (bees, butterflies, ...). But also the mortality rate especially of young farmers rise up and we should be sensitive by reassurance messages of the official authority (in Austria the responsible authority is named Federal Ministry of Life). A considerable proportion of the poisonous agricultural chemicals infiltrate deliberately our groundwater, our rivers and lakes and can be measured in our human body. This permanent exposure of highly poisonous agricultural chemicals leads to a slinking poisoning of our human population and we can see a rising up rate of allergy and cancer suffers.

But there are alternatives to poisonous agricultural chemicals for a long time.  Alternativ working farmers esteem their own health and the health of their fellow beings, they esteem the soil or their fields and the groundwater and they use Effective Microorganisms (instead of poisonous chemicals) to maintain and to support a manifold compound milieu of soil. The corps are plenary germinable, prospor opulent and are robust towards climate changes. Only with alternative working farmes we have long-term and really nourishing food and the health of human population can be ensured.


(2) Nuclear power industry - with a lot of unofficial and several official accidents, including pollution of groundwater or the unsolved problem of repository - no problem for the European Waterframe Directive. 

The huge cooling towers and the warm cooling water from nuclear power plants flowing in our rivers are heating up our planet. Warm rivers and contaminated cooling water in our rivers are no problem for the European Waterframe Directive.

The greatest official accidents - ultimate MCA in Tschernobyl





and in Fukushima.










(3) Oil industry  - with accident after accident. Leaky pipes,  leaky lanker and leaky drilling rig. The greatest accicent the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon in Golf of Mexico









(4) Gas industry - with the extraction methode "Fracking" quantities of toxic chemicals are releasing in the ground. Including contermination of groundwater for decades - no problem for the for the European Waterframe Directive. With bad luck you get flammable drinking water from your drinking water pipeline.








(5) European Waterframe Directive - a EU-WFD which is not executed for agricultural, chemical, atomic and natural gas industrieAgrar-, is not only an absured bulling for hydro power, but it deteriorates the condition of our rívers. That mean, that each kWh which is not generated by hydro power, will be replaced by fossil fuels (including nuclear power) and  wast or warm up our rivers. At this time the EU-WFD is counterproductively to our evironment and to human being. Obviousely at our rivers we can see "high-scientific" fish ladders made of concrete and






"natural looking" fish ladders financed by public money, which do not follow the main goal for a barrier free migration for fish. Most of the fish ladders do not sufficing work upstream and there is still no way downstream.








Even in several rivers of the Natura 2000 areas like at the river Pielach in Lower Austria there is no possibility for fish migration. Most of the fish ladders at the river Pielach which was accredited by the water authority do not perform well, because the inlet of the fish ladder is too far away from the weir and so fish cannot find the fish ladders. Or - see at the picture beside - the riverbed erodes so deep in few years, that fish cannot enter the new fish ladder any more.

The water authority would be committed by the EU-WFD to solve this problem until 2015. But instead of using promising and sustainable solutions for an upstream and downstream fish migration and for green energy production like our GWVPP-technology, the Austrian water authority wait first for getting penaltiy from EU because of noncompliance of the EU-WFD. So the Austrian people pay for the incompetence and not innovation friendly own water authority and a second time for improvements on the not adäquat existing fish ladders which must be complemented with new systems for the downstream fish migration in the near future. At this time there is no fish migration at most of our rivers and in this matter there will be no reduction of taxes for the Austrian people in the near future.


(6) Climate-Protection - essential for the Climate-Protection is the extension of the renewable energy and the protection ruling for rivers. Unfortunately several green energy projects fail on incompetent or manipulated authorities. If all costs for repository of problematic and contermincated substances must be integrated, every company will invest money  only in green (energy) projects in the future.


Summary and our petition to you - use your local potential of green energy, sun power, wind power, hydropower, geothermal power to be able to live in conditions fit for human beings now and in the future. Thank you!